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  • /r/neology - A community on "As rich as the English language may be, countless concepts still float nebulously around the noösphere, looking for words to attach to them. This community is dedicated to those nameless concepts, and those unborn words."
  • /r/words - A community on "For logophiles, whether you tend toward pleonasm or perspicacious thrift. Any language is acceptable. Suggested topics are new words, expressions, neologisms, neoterisms, sniglets, odd usages, reanimated words, words you never knew existed, words you wish existed, or even words you would like expurgated from the space-time continuum."
  • /r/whatstheword - A community on "What's the word for when someone is someone else? You know, when someone is hiding their identity as someone a superhero. They have a...a something. What's that word? Alter-ego? THAT'S it! That's what this sub-reddit is for. Writers helping writers find the word they need or guiding them in research for information they know nothing about."