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Nickp788, 10-10-2013:


Projectile comment

By: BrunchSpecial

"During my big interview with the VPs, one of their projectile comments hit my face. I did everything I could to act as if nothing happened..."

No one does it on purpose, so it's hard to get mad at them, but it's still their comment spit hitting you in the face... Sucks.


Speech bukkake

By: Nickp788

I was sitting around the dinner table and my buddy speech bukkake'd me, it was totally degrading.



By: jjclarkson

I was in a state of bewilderment I felt completely spitfaced.


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pufferwhale, 10-18-2013:



By: decidedly

Our lunch date was quite awkward, he must have chatsplatted me 3 times with his burrito. I had to get up and leave.



By: pufferwhale

"Perhaps I should have finished that bite before expounding upon the ludicrous nature of sheep dogs. I sincerely apologize for any doiterfugen that may have landed on you or your plate."

It's all German sounding.



By: Coleman Falcon

Bertie was so exited that he sprittled half of his crumble. But he couldn't stop talking to Julie, as he feared she might leave if he did. And he wanted her to stay, wanted to bathe in her glory and beauty. His nervousness got him all sweaty, and he started scratchperating.


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