tristfire, 11-2-2013:


That moment when you order your food then realize that you like how someone else's food looks

Keywords: food like


entree envy

Submitted by: BeastOfTraal
I had a bad case a entree envy when I saw the elegant past dish my girlfriend order next to my rice dish.


Orders Regret

Submitted by: bloodr382
I went to get ice cream with my friend the other day, and after we bought the ice cream i got Orders Regret so bad i ate her ice cream too



Submitted by: AASantaRosa
Dave suddenly got a case of enveats when he saw what his girlfriend was having.


Grr..unch down

Submitted by: cmanijaime
When you suddenly see a person you hate from school or work, etc. and you duck behind something before they can see you


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