pawntificator, 10-20-2013:


When you are walking toward someone and you both try to pass each other on the same side and then you both try to go the other way, nearly colliding both times(sometimes three times).


The pass dance

Submitted by: TheKiffney
Jenny and I did the pass dance for the longest in the hall at work today.


the mirror shuffle

Submitted by: dlandes
"He is so akward, everytime he sees her. Everytime, they end up mirror shuffling at least two times."

Both parties are moving, one is mirroring the others movement. Just as when you are in front of a mirror, when you step to your left, the mirror image steps in the same direction. Shuffling indicates taking a sequential number of steps in the process.


sidewalk tango

Submitted by: Drowk
Did a three-step sidewalk tango with a dogwalker on my way to the bus this morning.


Bollywood Love

Submitted by: dbc2201
I had an incident of Bollywood Love with that girl over there just now,


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