boofar, 9-21-2013:


Making a reference during a conversation that accidentally reveals you know a little too much about the topic at hand - like making a too-specific comment about porn, or quoting Taylor Swift...



Submitted by: Therese
"Jen's lipslip revealed that she cared about One Direction more than a woman of her age should."

It's short, sweet, and descriptive. :)


No Know

Submitted by: thatguyybrian
Jerry was talking about periods today like he gets them himself or something. If you're a guy, periods are a no know.



Submitted by: sqqueen
"When she she mentioned a mole on her back I accidentally slipped into overknowage mode."



Submitted by: Coleman Falcon
"Filching?" Jamie asked, raising his brow. But he had misheard whatever the vicar had been saying and empervessed himself in front of his hot cousin Bertie, who now looked more disgusted than interested. a whole afternoon of reading poetry - for nothing, not a kiss, not even a handshake!"



Submitted by: TheCookieMonster2673
Man, we were talking about corn, and then I said "Oh yeah, I live where we grow corn ALL the time!" I think I overspoke it.


Brain sprayin

Submitted by: AwesoMan3000
"Jack's been brain sprayin about that girl, and I thonk I might change my mind about dating her."

because they spray the knowledge from their brain



Submitted by: elbarto2
"You're way too topicrazy about that show."



Submitted by: CaptianBomber
They now know the truth about me due to a mindreveal.


Chat Attack

Submitted by: Robrto78
When I was talking to Bob, I was given a Chat Attack when I metioned my favorite website...


Freud Failure

Submitted by: robert1896
"I just got way too exstatic talking 'bout animes, i really revealed myself as a huge nerd. What a Freud Failure!"

It is actually called like that (at least in Austria ) because of Siegmund Freud, who was researching the subconscious mind.



Submitted by: AnnaBanana
"My date found it weird that I was inadverstent about inbreeding."

inadvertently versed (knowledgable)


assumed werdo

Submitted by: awesome32
I pooped



Submitted by: The blameless nameless
"I knew you were trouble!" I screamed at Jim. "Dude." He said. "What did you just say?" Uh oh... I hate it when I secretpeepit"

Why not.


To Liplame

Submitted by: ScootBenet
"I was trying to chirpse doris when I liplamed myself by talking too much about loving care bears"

You have made yourself lame, you have used your lips. Nuff said.


Eek out

Submitted by: crystalraven
"Penny had a totally eek out over Justin Bieber"

Leaving the g out of geek out. Geek out meaning to go into depth on a subject that the person knows about. So an eek out is to go into depth on a subject no one wants to know about.


Itsy bitsy spider

Submitted by: itsy
"I itsy bitsy spider that."

It's itsy.


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