Force, 10-19-2013:


Looking for food in the fridge multiple times within a short time frame, while knowing that no food is in there

Keywords: food


Fridgefull thinking

Submitted by: oikz
I checked again for some ice cream, but the fridge still only contained green peas and broccoli, I guess it was just fridgefull thinking.



Submitted by: WhyTheHellNot
I keep checking the fridge for food. I think I have a case of fatnesia


Fridge Dementia

Submitted by: DefineMe!
"Minute after minute, hour after hour, I'll gaze into my fridge and only see milk that's gone sour. Fridge Dementia has me hoping a ready made buffet will be in it."

Fridge Dementia is the perfect faux medical term for this particular situation.


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