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yurglepop, 11-2-2013:


Being the Hero of Canton

By: TheSquid

"Yeah it's funny right? I said that to some people earlier but no one got it, I was totally the hero of Canton."

The phrase is perfect because it is itself a reference that not everyone will get.


Et super caput eius

By: JetTheGuy

That is latin for "over the head".

(P.S. I do it all the time.)

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boofar, 9-21-2013:



By: Therese

"Jen's lipslip revealed that she cared about One Direction more than a woman of her age should."

It's short, sweet, and descriptive. :)


No Know

By: thatguyybrian

Jerry was talking about periods today like he gets them himself or something. If you're a guy, periods are a no know.



By: sqqueen

"When she she mentioned a mole on her back I accidentally slipped into overknowage mode."


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