awesome, 11-2-2013:


when your on the toilet and you run out of paper so you penguin waddle over to the door to scream for you mom to ask for more paper

Keywords: toilet paper


Turd Waddle

Submitted by: Chuckalakala
After taking the biggest crap of my life, I realised I had no toilet paper so I Turd-Waddled and asked my mum for another roll.


BrownPenguin/Mission Incrappable

Submitted by: ManxIdioticity
E.g I had to brownpenguin my way just to get the stinking toilet paper, only to realise that it's 1-ply. NNNOOOOOOOOO!


Paper pleading

Submitted by: TheSquid
I had to paper plead my friends house earlier, his dad came to the rescue but it was so embarrassing.


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