awesome32, 11-2-2013:


When your mom tells you to stop singing and you find HER singing a day later.

Keywords: mom sing day stop


God Rule

Submitted by: milifilou
"It seems like a God Rule that im not aloud to sing but she is."

Its usable in many Situasions such as Our Teacher has a God Rule that were not aloud to play on our phone and other simelar Situation.



Submitted by: boofar
Pronounced, "Days-nayed", this is actually acronym for "Do as I say, not as I do." Can be used as either a noun (Mom is being a daisnaid), or an adjective (Mom, I'm tired of your daisnaid rules!).


Rule of law

Submitted by: Debonair
Mom, rule of law, If I Can't sing, neither can you


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