Eebahgum, 10-25-2013:


When you are dying to break wind in the cinema and you wait patiently for a scene with noisy explosions to let rip, but you misjudge and get your timing all wrong, and you end up filling the auditorium with the strains of your rattling fart as the film unexpectedly cuts to a quiet love scene.

Keywords: fart noise wind film


bass drop

Submitted by: rouadec
worst timing ever, I really dropped the bass on this one


Auditorium Misfire

Submitted by: Das
"Derek regretted downing eighteen cans of guiness before accompanying Agnes to the cinema. Owing partly due to his age, his anus pelted the crowd with the eldritch gases of Auditorium misfire. "

It evokes the sense of a methane battlefield.



Submitted by: Quiznite
" I visited the local odeon today but had to leave early. I had a massive bout of Cineflatuae"

Cos I made it and it says FART



Submitted by: See gos
Don't Sinfar too hard or you might poop!


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