nuclearkumquat, 9-23-2013:


Getting a tingly feeling in the hands/feet or having your hands/feet get sweaty after watching someone climb something or fall off something.

Keywords: hands fall watch fear



Submitted by: bustajonesgavin
"Watching those mountain climbers without safety harnesses is making me so empasweatic right now!"

It's a combination of "empathetic" and "sweat". :)


Monkey palms

Submitted by: i_love_lamp
"The video of that crazy Russian kid climbing on the crane gave me monkey palms"

monkeys swing from trees and probably evolved some kind of reflex like this so they grip the vines or branches better


high-place phenomenon

Submitted by: anonymn2
Not trying to be a dick, but this term created by Jennifer Hames of Florida State University explains a lot about our sensory responses to high places.


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