Fluffykittylover, 10-19-2013:


Thinking back to stupid things you did as a child and wondering how you didn't die.

Keywords: remember death am i


idiot glory

Submitted by: DefineMe!
"I left Jeff and Brad's apartment early last night. All they did that evening was swap stories about how they used to fool around with firecrackers and household cleaners back in middle school. I decided to hit the clubs and leave them to bask in their idiot glory."

Remember that time you took your father's riding mower over a homemade skateboard ramp? It was awesome then and somehow you managed to cheat death. Idiot glory fondly recalls those not-too-bright moments of cheap thrills.



Submitted by: Mark Iliff
"When I think back to the number of times I nearly drowned I get all nutstalgic"

Nostalgia for something that was nuts


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