loresjoberg, 1-30-2014:


When you make a joke and someone responds seriously, and you're not sure if they didn't get the joke or if you're the one who doesn't get the joke that they're pretending not to get the joke.



Submitted by: Pilcrow Interpunct
So there I was, really putting all the extra details into that stupid joke. I wasn't just going for a shaggy dog story this time. We're talking about the 75 pounds of extra wool an escaped sheep gets after a year on the lam. I'm talking about some seriously random details added. Anyway, Lore Sjöberg was there, he'll tell you. I dropped the punchline on 'em and got ... serious nodding. I couldn't believe it. It was total voidesville, man. Like Fatty Arbuckle had just been indicted.


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