bananiel, 10-19-2013:


The act of entering a restaurant for the sole purpose of going to the bathroom.



Dump n dash

Submitted by: Mjtothet
"Walking home from lunch at Chipotle, I had to pull an emergency Dump n Dash at Pho Palace"

Because you dump and then you dash


Backdoor Dining

Submitted by: Kautsch
"My toilet's broken so I went to the Italian for some backdoor dining."


Dirty Tip

Submitted by: sanchothefat
"I don't want anyone at work to know how smelly my poops are so I left a dirty tip at the Pizza Hut."

You're essentially leaving a present, except its a dirty one…


back room delivery

Submitted by: dlandes
"I'll be right back, I just need to make a quick back room delivery in McDonalds."

It aptly describes the process without using any offensive language. Further it can be used to specify number 1 (small, or quick, back room delivery) and no 2 (big back room delivery).


shit and split

Submitted by: sentmode
Keep the car running Im about to shit and split.


All doodie no foodie

Submitted by: dbc2201
Stop that man! he's a All doodie no foodie


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