blue001, 10-18-2013:


Loading a game you think you want to play, but realizing two minutes in, you don't actually want to make the effort to play it.

Keywords: video games boredom


Reload Revelation

Submitted by: TacticalBrofist
"I experienced serious reload revelation today when I decided to play Skyrim again. Minutes after starting, I realized that I would have to suffer through an hour of introduction missions before actually being free to do what i want. So i said "f_ck it" and went back to facebook..."

The definition of the word "Revelation" is the revealing or disclosing of some form of truth or knowledge through communication with a deity or other supernatural entity. I thought Reload Revelation would be befitting since you usually re-reveal the knowledge of all the bothersome parts of a game only after (but then again JUST after) you have actually booted it up. Upon reloading, the truth is revealed!


Load lament

Submitted by: shining.midnight
"I just installed Crysis 3 but when I went to play it I got really strong load lament, TF2 looks more fun right now."

Alliteration, yo


Loading-screen ennui

Submitted by: zingiber
The loading-screen ennui's setting in again. Should I go outside? Nah.


Loader's Remorse

Submitted by: nsa
"Like buyer's remorse"

Because this is what I meant to write, not Loader's Lament, which is a lame copy of something somebody already posted.


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