r55bkr, 11-12-2013:


When you call someone over to take a look at something that doesn't work, but it works straight away while they are stood there, making you look like a twat.


Murphy's cousin's law

Submitted by: boofar
Murphy's Cousin's Law states that if anything broken is shown to another person, it will inevitably begin to work again, thus complicating the actual problem solving process. Despite the appearance of being fixed, Murphy's Cousin's Law is actually consistent with Murphy's Law because something is going wrong as you're trying to diagnose what's going wrong.



Submitted by: ManxIdioticity
"I swear to god that the toilet could not flush a few minutes ago," I say to the noisy plumber. He replies THAT I MUST HAVE JUST GOTTEN PROBFOOLED, deafening me for life.


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