Brostalgia, 11-6-2013:


The time spent staring at the first problem on an exam before you figure out how to start


Test limbo

Submitted by: seatlusga
I was in test limbo for about five minutes before i realized i haven't answered one question yet.



Submitted by: amishpotato
I hit an answerwall on the first question of my exam.


The Contemplations

Submitted by: boofar
You're staring at that first problem on the test. It's impossible. To prevent panic, your mind goes on the defensive; you begin to drift back to your childhood, back to the days when your imagination and a warm summer day was all you needed for happiness. A creak of a chair in the orthogonal, fluorescent-lit room jars you back to reality. You look down again at your test question...


First World First Problem Problems

Submitted by: geekydotblue


The problem at the first problem.

Submitted by: TohatWords
I had the problem at the first problem during the exams!


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