Words For That site updates deliver better experience, prepares for growth.

Boulder, CO - Words For That LLC is announcing the release of a number of major updates to their current website, www.wordsforthat.com, which crowd sources new words and phrases for commonly-known, but nameless situations. The improved website will go live on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014, and includes a new look, and the addition of user profiles, improved search, a commenting system, and other features.

Since the website was born in the Fall of 2013, the team has been working on additions to the site to make it more user friendly with a focus on positioning the site to take a spotlight role on the internet. Co-Owner Brian Weinstein states, "These improvements will provide a much better experience for visitors, and will help Words For That grow from simply an entertaining site, to one that serves as the irreverent origin of modern colloquialisms."

The site visuals will also get a facelift, adding color, cleanliness, and a new navigation system, while keeping an enjoyable presentation on mobile devices. The addition of accounts will allow many more features and options to be provided for users, including editing, a points system, commenting, scenario tracking, and many others. Searching has been expanded to include both usernames and submitted words. Lead by this release, the developers at Words For That have more features in the works, and are always keeping an ear out for suggestions from the community.

On the future of Words For That, Weinstein says, "Ever sent an email and forgot the attachment you mentioned in it? Or had the false sensation of your phone vibrating in your pocket? Words For That has been made to name, discuss, and have fun with those scenarios, but in time, Words For That will become a slang reference as well as a tool for people to use to crowd source new brand names or coin new terms."


WFT Team